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Life and Death – CloseBy

Crypted Words: Does the difference seems to be evident or does it seems evident to be different.

Whats the difference between the two different ones is clearly not the evidence which we are going to talk about here.

We are going to talk about the providence of the death over our life and supersedence of life over our death. Isn’t it too obvious that both moves parallel and one can overexpose other without anyone noticing it.

You can go quietly in the night without the oblivion of your sight or might. You can do nothing but stir your soul outright but to do it when, would be the question upright.

Hope it means something when it could have meant nothing.

Simple Thoughts: Road of life and river of death moving side by side like brothers in arms or siblings.

Be careful and thankful for each day/moment in life coz it only takes a moment to slip from the either sides. River/death is natural/formidable leveller which means doesnt matter if you are a king or a pawn, at the end all goes in the same box.

I want to write more but will later on. Hoping to give your chaos/thoughts some space.

Hope you disagree……