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I am A Failure


Incredible debut of an international analytics on how to shoot for the stars, land on the moon without being afraid to fall. Brilliant Read.”   [Rohit Sharma, Book Critic, rohithebest.com]

A perfect anecdote on success and failure, the two balancing pillars of life. At such a young age, this belief is unbelievable from author.”  [Madhavi Sharma, Psychologist and Social Worker]

“If you are failing, then a must read. If you are not, then you are already busy.”   [Ashish Khare, Bookworm and Speculator].

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About the Book: 

Have you experienced failures in your life? Is your startup business facing a downturn? Is your dream partner telling you she hates you? Don’t despair. Failure encages us all.

Akhil, born with a plastic spoon in India, was specially designed for all failures life can bring. Growing up like everyone, the more he tried for success, the more he failed. Not until when he redefined his stupidity and started listening to his heart, his failures brought forth his keys to freedom and made him discover that ‘Failure encourages us all’.

This book is about his transformation from being a failure to the creator of the award-winning technique ‘The Art of Failure’. It talks about his technique, hidden in the form of an entertaining but true autobiographical story. It is helpful for everyone who wants to become a fearless failure warrior rather than being a usual success hunter.

The narrative is set against the transformation of India – from its analog days to the digital age and bubbling startup economy. One thing which hasn’t changed with time though is the hatred and fear towards failure and how it has been eating up our enormous innovation potential for ages. It is time to accept failure as a part of life – where there is no failure, there is no growth. Learn from your experiences and move on!

About the Author:

Akhil Sharma a.k.a ‘The Failure Guy’ is a renowned award loosing  entrepreneur, inventor and innovator. In his decade long career, ranging from being a mariner, selling credit cards to being a technologist, he is blessed to have failed almost every time.

Specially designed for failure, he is using his extensive experience to conduct ‘the art of failure’ workshops and has helped individuals to keep up the spirit of trying despite failures and coached them how to listen to their hearts and find their real inspiration. These workshops have taught them how to be innovative and creative amidst a failure environment.

His lifelong mission is to make the human mind friendly to failure – a concept which stands in stark contrast to the general interest in success. In 2016, the United Nations and iCongo chose him for the Rex Karmaveer Chakra award and Global fellowship, and he is often called upon to talk about it for free on various platforms in India.