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This page should contain ideally about me…Ok so let me flatter myself here.

Akhil Sharma aka ‘The failure Guy’ is a renowned award losing entrepreneur. In his decade long career, right from being a mariner, selling credit cards to being a technologist, he is blessed to have failed almost every time.

Specially designed for failure, he is using his extensive experience to conduct ‘the art of failure’ workshops through which he has helped individuals to keep up the spirit of trying despite failures and coached them how to listen to their hearts and find their real inspiration. These workshops have taught them how to be innovative and creative amidst a failure environment.

His lifelong mission is to make the human mind friendly to failure – a concept which stands in stark contrast to the general interest in success. In 2016, the United Nations and iCongo chose him for the Rex Karmaveer Chakra award and Global fellowship, and he is often called upon to talk about it for free on various platforms in India.

In his spare time, he is a farmer and loves to research on chaos theory and infinity. He firmly believes in mathematics being the language of the universe and is passionate about the application of the laws of physics to mathematical data modelling.

He also loves working on solutions which have a very high rate of failure but which address some of the biggest challenges in health care, agriculture, security and city planning. He has developed an innovative healthcare device, set to be launched in 2018, which is to exponentially increase healthcare service penetration to the remotest locations on this planet. Another innovation for smog cleaning and absorption of greenhouse gases in metro cities is undergoing trials and is set to enter the market by the end of 2018, only if the world doesn’t end by then and if it does, then there is no use of it.

However, would like to contact me, would be happy to connect with you.



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