AkhilSharma Wedding Invitation and Wedding Album

My Dear friends,

Now that 29 Years have gone by, of without any use, My intelligence and moral is at all time low.

So ,This publicly declared useless friend of Yours had decided to MARRY……

(Bakcground Song: Bekhudi mein Sanam Uth gaya yeh kadam)

And Suddenly there is an explosion of happenings

The phone bill shot up …

My Free time is a thing of past …

My Hangouts are long forgotten …

From Torn jeans to clean and Trim suits …

Dhabhas to candle light dinners …

Saturday night party to  Friday evening temples …

And  . .Guess What… . I am feeling good about it .

(Background Song: Bhool gaya sub kuch, yaad nahin ab kuch) 

Anyways, she is an MBA joining me for a dream life together.

You see, it needs an MBA to manage & maintain me .

So my dear friends, I would like to have you around on the following Occasion …

When I take this wrong turn and crash . . .

(Background Music:slow Shehnai and santoor vaadan)

“Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.”

My single days are nearly over.

The battle is ON.

(background song: Kar chale hum fida jaan-o-tan saathiyo)

Come watch the slow decline of your once-upon-a-time healthy friend, as I tie the knot with the innocent looking devil known as Priyanka Tiwari, soon to be Priyanka Sharma.

Akhil Sharma Vs Priyanka Tiwari …..

(Background Song: Baar Baar haa, ek baar haa…Film Lagaan)

Lets hope for the best….

Details of the sacrificial altar are given below:

You shall be my witness. More the better. Good looking witnesses, if you really HATE me.

P.S. I am not that intelligent to write all this creative up…i copied it from the internet and modified it little bit.

Thanks for the song credit for Indian Film industry.


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