Best Action Hollywood Story

Snapshot1: An orphan boy somewhere in Valley of Kashmir was sipping tea at tea stall. Suddenly he saw one omni van and a bunch of shady people going into the house. Within a fraction of second he knew that these were terrorists going into that house.

He got bravery award for killing 4 terrorist and rescuing two old ladies form the house.


Snapshot2: A girl of 12 years was kidnapped from his house (village in Bangladesh) and found herself in a place filled with 22 more girls of more or less girls of her age. She immediately knew that something and infact everything was amiss.

She got bravery award for freeing 22 more girls smuggled illegally to Arab countries and busting that racket by the Nepalese Government.


Snapshot3: Bravehearts(US) is a organization who signs up children like this and tour all over the world to encourage the children.


Snashot4: A midsize plane (Cessna) by pilot’s mistake lands on the market inPakistan destroying the third floor of the hotel. The bravehearts foundation 40 children were in that floor. No body from the passenger got hurt.


Snapshot5: finally another US bound plane they all were accommodated and sent back. The whole floor was destroyed and all 40 students including their security personnel on the floor were found dead.


Snapshot6: A highly classified news alerted the whole Pakistan intelligence that top Al-Zabariya( name changed) operative was found missing with all 17 guards dead.


Snapshot 7: A child(17) was found floating off US coast limit by a branch of a tree picked up by the cost guard.

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