Communication Statements

There are mainly three types of communication statements with respect to the mindshare and mind pattern of the target audience:
(a) positive statement i.e. when a statement is communicated where the audience is energized enough to participate in the discussion or the situation. In this case the message is explained or communicated to the audience in and easy and precise manner. Hence increasing the energy i.e. giving them threshold energy to transmutate into next energy level. However excess positive statements may results in increasing the energy levels of the audience which could make him restless or erosion of the percentage of the mental presence of the audience in that room or place. Thus too much increase in energy level would result in the evolvement of the absolute comfort factor of the audience and increasing the chaos and casual attitude of the audience.
In this case the communication procedure is also important and it is assumed that message to be communicated is transferred with full confidence and ambience which would result in the deep association of the image to be communicated to the minds of the audience as compared to the image to be communicated.
(b) Negative statements i.e. when communication is not of the similar levels of the audience then there is no interaction between the message and reaction produce by the minds. In this case mind insulate itself with the message to be communicated or considered inferior to the status of the audience to be accepted by the audience. Similarly in this case either the mind share starts falling drastically or starts revolting against the situation if the self image is too strong.
(c) Neutral statements i.e. when a statement is passed on to the audience for which the audience could not figure out the immediate meaning or the purpose of its delivery to them, then it’s a neutral statement. Then in that case each and every mind started thinking of the possible interpretation of their perception about the statement or situation given. However it should be noted that the timing is very crucial in this otherwise it will be taken as a negative statement. The main difference is that in negative statement the immediate interpretation is the comparison of the message with their intellectual levels. In neutral statement the message is itself so simple but yet complicated then each mind is forced to think what it is and why it is given for. Then each one according to his own interpretation takes this message and tag it into his mind. These are actually the real time virus in human minds.

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