Glossary Of Term Virus Used In The Blog Elsewhere

Virus : well looking at the smaller picture first these are exactly the situation over which when the target audience comes across is forced to think over and satisfy themselves with a logical and rational explanation to his self. For e.g. advertising campaign in which nothing is mentioned except the word “jald aa raha hai”. Now whoever sees this campaign will be forced to think what it is and why it is there. Then comes the logical and rational theory that satisfy them with the new situation. But when he cannot explain the very purpose of that campaign then it keeps on triggering his mind that what exactly it is and then he ask for outside help i.e. his friends opinion. Now when the brand is released and then if it matches with their explanation then a feeling of complacency and superiority and intelligence comes into picture and the self image of the consumer is reinforced with the added information. “ dekha maine kahan tha” effect.
Now suppose if what they have expected and it turns out to be totally opposite i.e. unpredictable answer which they haven’t thought of, then if the curiosity factor comes into important position. They became curious and then the probability of failure of the brand became very high. For e.g. over popularity of the film Mrs Shrimati” over the zee channel killed the film. However it is important to note that whenever that brand is exposed to the consumer then self- affixation of the failed image of the consumer goes with the movie i.e. dekha ullu bana diya na. To be precise then the expectation became very very high and the people expect it to be really very intellectual and critical to the purpose over which it is launched. But in vice-versa is also true if the extensive media campaign of surprise factor is such that it can be easily decoded then also the chances of failure of brand as cheap intellectual brand comes into picture. Hence to precisely and exactly mapping out the target audience expectation and intellectual levels and devising a media campaign so that it is neither generally predictable nor too complicated will result in successful corruption of mind property of the consumer and hence brand image is then associated in the minds of the consumer with the image communicated.
However looking at the big picture and bigger implication then virus are essentially the doubts in fact strong doubts in the consumers minds which contradicts with their belief. It could really shake the consumer upside down depending on the implication and depth of the virus feeded and the energy tagged into the consumer minds.

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