NLP And Advertising –The Boon To The Human Or Another Nuclear Warhead.


I don’t know about the next world war but about a particular war yes I can say that next war of any scale is going to be the battle of minds. You can slaughter millions of people of a country but then it again builds up like the water in a mug, the moment you take out your hand it will fill the gap like nothing existed before. Wonderful example is Japan. The nation where it used to be and where it is now everyone knows.
But suppose if you have killed the entire mindset of population and demeaned them into a particular mindset which had inculcated them the feeling of defeated every time then you had won the war forever. It can remain up to generations.
But suppose if we uses the same NLP for the betterment of people. For example a country is poor for e.g. Bangladesh then u cannot just go and provide them food and shelter for the betterment of their people everyday. Now there has to be someone amongst them who can take the charge of upliftment of their people. Then the reaction will start otherwise then you have to give them spoon feeding. Now suppose if we start programming them and as a series of action taken by the target audience the reaction followed by the rest of the people would actually initiate the process of their betterment i.e. then it will be more easy because providing them with opportunity to grow is more easy then providing them with free food or something else.
Advertising I think it itself need no introduction.


Lets first understand what does NLP means. NLP is neuro logical programming( not neuro linguistic programming) of the human brain which can transform the thinking pattern of the brain within a very short span of time. However some times the time taken is considerable large but that ensures complete transformation of the brain.
Let’s take a simple example: what’s the color of the font. Black, “ but this answers comes from the programming which already our parents and ancestor had done into our mind. They have conditioned us in fact programmed us from the very childhood that this color which emits this frequency is called black color.
Let’s take another example of an animal. An animal never told his kids how to communicate but he learns by his instinct. And you will not find a dog barking in Spanish or English. They all understand and speaks the same common language which is acceptable by the common standards of their society. Now when they come into contact with humans, then human condition or rather program them to understand their language. Now that is where programming comes into picture. It would be more easier if we took the functioning of human brain more similar to that of computer. A brain without a thought or pre-programmed set of rules and guidelines and a computer without a program are useless. It can do what it is told to do similarly a brain can do what it is told to do by the instincts. The only difference between human mind and computer is that capacity of computer is known. But the functioning is more or less similar.
Now lets extend this example to be more precise fluent with the topic. The culture standards which existed a century back and the culture standards existing today are extremely different. Now a days swim suits and short dresses in movies are common but flashing back and comparing it with the style of 60’s if those heroine could had worn these swim suit then it could have created havoc. Similarly child marriage is non-existent today. Now carefully looking at these changes major cultural changes we can say that we are programmed such over a period of time that these changes are accepted by and large everyone.
Now let’ examine how this has happened. It’s done by careful programming of human minds. Our parents carefully program us so as per the standards of the society so that we can behave like a responsible social animal. They had programmed us so that on the basis of basic foundation of character which they had laid down in our childhood we can achieve more i.e. enhancement of our lives from their lives. That’s why it’s always said that if a person behaves irrationally or below the common standards of society then the fault is more of their parents because they haven’t programmed him properly as per the basic standards of the society.
Now suppose if we put some virus in the human brain and remove the antivirus or the virus which even antivirus cannot pick up. Then ……?????
Suppose if we put some performance booster in the human brain then….?????

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