PTM: Perception Tripod Model

Perception Tripod ModelIt’s very important to discuss and elaborate about the perception definition since all the old definition are not able enough to compliment and explain the perception component of our warhead.
The only word perception is itself an obsolete word nowadays. Some reference to the timeframe and current state of the person has to be mentioned. As nowadays each person perception has a definite degree of a set of past, present and future perception benchmarks and the word perception itself has no meaning unless stated with reference to past perception, present perception or future perception which only single cannot stands on itself and justify the persons’ behaviour. Hence it can be seen as a tripod which stands on the legs of past, percent and future. However it is important to note that all three cannot have equal length and intensity. Each length of the individual leg is different.
For e.g. past perception has important role in shaping the future perception which is becoming present moment by moment.

Future perception
(déjà vu, scintillation of visions of future, subconscious shaping of the future with no reference of the past or present)
(dynamic allocation of personality traits which could force them to behave in a certain unpredictable way e.g. phsychos)
Past Perception
Trait,Mental projection of predefined perception, subconscious shaping of the future with reference of the past or present etc)

Now summing up and explaining further each individual actions and reactions are governed by a complex equation.


Where Xà past factors explained above.
Cà the constant or the energy level at a given point of time. Hence this equation keeps changing from time to time but its range is fixed by each individual in which it will vibrate.
Yà present factors
Zà future factors
x,y,z, à are the weightage each person gives to each of the individual factors. The more the tendency towards z and less weightage to x indicates dynamic personalities with more risk taking capabilities.

Hence each individual can be plotted on three dimensional axis i.e. X,Y,Z and the circle in which it will vibrate.
However for simplicity we have taken only three dimension but in actual it should be plotted on four dimensional graph where fourth dimension represents timeframe i.e. the capability with which process and take information.

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