The Mind Water Analogy

We all humans breathes in air, walk on land, and think in water. Now what does that mean. Well an individual a human can be plotted on 3 dimensions initially which are air, land and water viz soul, body and mind. The soul or the spirit shows all the character of a bird as free as wind or air, the inconquerable, similarly the body of a human being shows all the character of animal or living beings on land as mortal as others are and finally the mind behaves and functions in similar manner as a creature or fluid behaves in water.



This also implies that the soul behaves and functions in similar manner to the wind i.e. which cannot be seen but could be felt no matter it is in what forms , energies, radiation, etc. This means that the rules which applies to the wind are all applicable to the soul or the characteristic or qualities which can be exhibited by the soul are the same for the wind.

Similarly the body and land combo is same as the above soul and air combo and hence so do it shows similar pattern for mind and water.

If we really want to achieve perfection or improve upon our soul then we should let our souls free, free from desires, greed, pleasure, good and bad. An air doesn’t choose its land for flowing because that land is full of good qualities. No its always free from good or bad and it has no motive towards flowing towards any directions. The obstructions coming in the way changes its direction. So the most crucial point to remember over here is do not be mistaken by obstacles and results because that’s should not decide the decision to flow or not to flow. The only thing which wind knows is about flowing and nothing else. So the continuity of moving on should be nourished to nourish your soul but not the directions should motivate or demotivate you. Let your soul be nourished by air and be like it. Because the more you try to be natural and original you then the more the soul will show characteristics of wind, the real you. Do not be misled by good or bad just observe and flow like the wind free from good or bad prejudice.

Similarly, the body it follows all the rules and shows traits of anything and everything attached to this earth. The rules of gravity, matter, dimensions do exist and hence so it exists for the body. To nourish the body you should be like earth. Follow and behave like the qualities which this earth is having, the quality to absorb, patience etc. remember the rules are same for all earthly characters in this world.

So the same thing applies to the mind. It almost and I think always behaves in a certain manner like it would have behaved as if in water. Anything or everything that forms a part of the water, the rules, the principles and the characteristics, they all are same for anything in water. The water always flows and hence the mind always wanders. The water if found an obstruction will impact the obstruction and at the same time circumvent the obstacle. Similar the mind behaves in similar manner. When some obstacle came it gets demotivated and at the same time think of other options but will waste his most energies in just thinking about that obstacle.


The mind water analogy explained: in MP3 or MPPP or mental projection of predefined perception, we all behaves like in water.

Take an example of point A and Point B in a beaker full of water and now we know that point A is above point B. Then the point B will feel certain additional pressure due to height of the water coloumn above. This is exactly what happens with all of us. Kaun kitne paani mein hai. We all behaves like individuals placed in a beaker full of water. And the moment we came into contact with some other person we started measuring our height and the other fellow height. Which means there will be certain parameters (different for every human being) on which basis we first measure our height and then the other fellow height. And if the result came out to be that he is at higher level than it means we started developing or trigger our inferiority complex reaction subconscious which will start projecting a superior image of the other fellow than your and hence fall victim of the pressure of the water column above us or predefined perception. Similarly if that other fellow is found out by us that he is on a lower level than also we started developing and triggering superiority complex which will make a predefined perception of ours over him and will dictate the consequenses through out our interaction.

This is call mind water analogy. Become what for you were born. You are the universe or the universe is you only. May be I think I started getting a feeling why its said that you are the universe and the universe is you. You have air, water and land in your whole individuality or you can say the whole nature in your personality.


There are exactly five or more than five dimensions on which a human can be individually plotted. The first three are mind(water), body(land) and soul(air). And the other two are time and fire. Lets first understand these 3 dimensions in detail, then only we would be able to comprehend these another 2 dimensions.

Now what comes the obvious question is whats the use of knowing all this. Well for me I think that’s more than enough for any individual to know for self improvement and you can say also that its just the starting point for understanding this universe which will start from you and finally it comes to you like a zen circle which means no start no end, they both coincides.

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